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VCB Indoor Panel
VCB Outdoor Panel

  VCB Indoor Drawing

We offer an array of precision engineered vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) indoor panel which are manual or motor operated and used in 11KV/33KV systems.

Features : These are widely acknowledged in a number of industries for good number of salient features which include:
  • Extensible & modular construction
  • High reliability
  • Re strike free
  • Emergency tripping arrangement without opening breaker chamber front door
  • Horizontal draw out type
  • Conforming to IS2147, IEC-62271-100, IEC-60298 and IEC-60694
  • Self aligning type cluster contact for robust design
  • Fully interlocked for operational safety
  • Totally compartmentalized & compliance to internal arc as per standards
  • Stored energy type spring closing mechanis

  Scope - Autoscan

SCOPE make PC based C.B. Test System Autoscan is the ultimate tool to ensure the quality of all types of breakers before they leave the factory.

This test system contains various 19” DIN standard modules, which electrically tests all types of breakers VIZ : LV, HV & EHV for all critical parameters.

Once the breaker is connected, the system operates it and simultaneously Measures, the following parameters, which then can be Analysed, Recorded and Stored for future references.


  • Closing and Tripping coil currents
  • Closing and Tripping times with bounce measurement
  • Auxilliary contact timings
  • Closing and Tripping speeds
  • Contact gap and snatch gap
  • Damping related parameters like Overshoot, Rebound etc.

The software feature of pre programmed limit check for all above parameters helps operator to monitor the health of the breaker under test and to make it ready for its final installation at switchyard.

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